Capitol Words

Capitol Words, a project of the Sunlight Foundation, is an amusing and nuance-free look at what our elected representatives are bloviating about at any given moment.

It might be better named “Capitol Word,” because that’s all it actually provides: the single word most frequently used by the U.S. Congress on any given day, determined by having a computer plow through the text of the Congressional Record. It goes back to January 2000, and they even have an API.

Thanks to Derek for the link.

4 thoughts on “Capitol Words

  1. I think Capitol is appropriate, especially if it’s specific to Congress. Capitol Hill/The Capitol Building refers to were Congress meets (or any legislative body). A capital is a city. I think you got them reversed.

  2. Oops, yes, of course you’re right, I used the wrong word in the second paragraph. That was a typo; I wasn’t trying to be cute. Thanks for the catch, fixed now.

  3. Thanks for posting about Capitol Words. FYI We have made a lot of great improvements to the site. Check it out:

    Capitol Words now has more information you can see what the most said words are over the period of a year, the whole Congress, month, and even day. You can also see what words a lawmaker is saying the most. These improvements give users a better understanding of what is happening in the halls of Congress.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Nisha Thompson

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