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Our Kickstarter campaign is winding down, and you might have heard: we met our goal! (Thank you once again to our wonderful backers.)

We still have a few days left and have added a stretch goal to develop a “show the word love” page, a place where we can highlight your most-loved words. One of the ways you can help us meet that goal is by sponsoring Words of the Day for a whole week.

How we pick WOTDs

Selecting Wordnik’s words of the day — or WOTDs, in word nerd vernacular — is definitely one of the most fun parts of keeping our online dictionary going. You might have noticed that the words we pick tend to be more unusual. This is because we’re a sucker for words that make us go, “Hmmm!” whether it’s onomatopoeia like ree-raw, a giggle-inducer like buttocker, or an old favorite like petrichor.

Sometimes we also select words for holidays, like fancy-sick for Valentine’s Day or mare’s-nest for April Fool’s Day. Off-beat fetes are no exception. For example, for Bat Appreciation Day we featured flittermouse, and for I Forgot Day, lethe, the river of oblivion. We also like honoring birthdays such as Shirley Temple’s with buck-and-wing; Steve Jobs’s with biffin, a kind of apple; and H.P. Lovecraft’s with, what else, Cthulhu.

Why sponsor?

Why should you think about sponsoring a week’s worth of Words of the Day? It’s a great way for you to promote your product, service, or very own Kickstarter while at the same time showing your love of words and supporting a good cause.

What do I get?

With the $500 sponsorship, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a week’s worth of words that reflect your personality, voice, brand, or cause. You’ll also get:

  • Your name and link on our Word of the Day page.
  • A banner featuring your promotional message (of 300 words or less) and a link of your choosing on our Word of the Day email that goes out Monday through Friday to  over 7,000 subscribers.
  • A twice-a-day tweet to our 19,300+ followers and a posting on our Facebook page to our over 8,000+ fans.

When can I do it?

The first two backers will be able to sponsor in December while the rest will be available in 2016.

How do I do it?

Just visit our Kickstarter page!

Thanks but no thanks.

A week’s worth of Words of the Day not for you? There are still lots of ways you can become backer, whether it’s selecting a random word for exactly one clam, getting a limited edition Wordnik T-shirt for $30, or opting for cool wordy poster for $75. Happy sponsoring!