A Brief History of Wordie

11/21: Idea pops into my head, gets dismissed as a joke.

11/22: Thanksgiving approaching, I decide it’s a good time to build something strictly for fun. Register Wordie.org (and also wirdee.com, but opted against that).

11/23 – 11/24: Build and launch site. Three or four friends add a few hundred words. I figure, that’s that.

11/28: LibraryThing Tim, my friend and neighbor, blogs about Wordie.

12/5: 1,000 people have registered. I spend week madly fixing bugs and adding features. Wordie makes front page of del.icio.us and lots of blogs. Blogosphere reaction spans the gamut from “pointless and lovely” to just “pointless”.

12/8: Launch this blog as a place to announce new features, and perhaps highlight choice bits from within Wordie.

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