2012 National Spelling Bee Recap

Earlier this week, 278 spellers from around the world gathered together to compete in the 85th Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yesterday 14-year old Snigdha Nandipati of San Diego, California won with guetapens, which means “an ambush; an attack.”

We here at Wordnik had great fun yesterday live-tweeting the seminfinal and championship rounds. In between biting our nails for the young spellers, we tweeted defintions, etymologies, example sentences, and other fun facts about these difficult words. First up, the semifinal round:

Next, the final round:

Curious about all the words from the final round? We’ve put them in a handy list and have updated the list of all the winning words.

Congratulations once again to Snigdha and all the spellers!