2011 Spelling Bee Recap

Late last week in the word world, it was about everything Bee – the Scripps National Spelling Bee, that is.  Every year 275 spellers enter, and one speller leaves – this year that speller was 14-year old Sukanya Roy of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, winning with cymotrichous, which means “characterized by having wavy hair.”

We here at Wordnik celebrated the Bee in a couple of ways.  We hosted a Spelling Bee Bingo, in which we invited you to guess as to what the winning word might be for a chance to win a Wordnik T-shirt and other schwag.  While no one guessed the wavy-haired word, someone did pose three guesses that ended up in the final roundandouille, grison, and polatouche – and for us that’s close enough.

Congratulations to Amy Goldstein!  Not only is Amy a repeat Secret Word Wednesday winner, she made it to the final round of the Bee in 1998 before missing on the word aitch, which, understandably, is her least favorite word.

In addition to bingo, we live-tweeted the last day of competition. Rather than try to summarize, we’ll let our Tweets speak for themselves!

Finally, the Bee looked like so much fun, we can’t wait till next year. So we’ll be hosting our own spelling bee in the near future, and would love any suggestions from those of you in the Bay Area for bars that might be interested in hosting such an event. Drinks, prizes, and give-aways will be available!

Till then, study up!