Thanksgiving Contest Winners: Turducken Words

To celebrate Thanksgiving and that linguistic and literal portmanteau, the turducken, we asked you to come up with a new turkey-word blend, whether it be food-related, a feeling, or a phenomenon – anything to do with Thanksgiving that smashed two or more words together.

Some made us hungry, like @KathrynMcCalla’s carb-fest of a word, rolluffatoes, “rolls with stuffing and mashed potatoes crammed inside,” or @randyclarktko’s grandiose crandiose sauce, “cranberry sauce with multiple ingredients.”

A couple made us feel slightly ill, like @4ndyman’s porkey, “Turkey stuffed with ham and wrapped in bacon. . .or, more realistically, dying in your sleep after dinner” (a turcoma, to the nth degree, right @CSmithMo?), and @larry_kunz’s ode to the Hostess Twinkie, the twurkie, a “Thanksgiving bird stuffed with shortcake-and-cream treats.”

Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Porn, Volume 2, open faced

Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Porn, Volume 2, open faced

[Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist]

 Thanksgiving leftovers are made for smashing together, as agreed by @ChristaKinde and her cruffingberry sandwich, “thin slab pan-fried stuffing + cranberries on bread,”and @MrZiebarth’s crankeywich, “a turkey and cranberry sandwich,” which also kind of sounds like a sandwich you might give a cranky person to cheer them up (which we guess it is!).

Some described what may be familiar experiences, such as the joy of @borglocutus’s Fooburkey, a day of Thanksgiving and football; another from @4ndyman, self-gravification, “the act of dribbling gravy on oneself during Thanksgiving dinner”; and these two from @PlainLizzy: the turzazster, “when you bake a turkey with the plastic bag still inside,” and captivisioninlaw, “being forced to watch what your father-in-law puts on TV all holiday weekend long.”

As for the winner, we picked two this time: 4ndyman’s (who was on turkey-word fire) anni-left-ick shock, “The surprise & disgust that follows the discovery of Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge a year later,” and @CSmithMo’s appetizinger, “the first snippy comment of the night,” because sometimes unfortunately Thanksgiving isn’t just about stuffing one’s face.

Thanks to all the players! Everyone mentioned in this post will get some Wordnik schwag. Have a great holiday!