Wordnik word of the day: cacoethes

Today’s word of the day is cacoethes, an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action. It is also spelled cacoëthes and it is pronounced /kahk-uh-EE-theez/. Cacoëthes loquendi is a mania for talking or a morbid desire for gossip or speechmaking. Cacoëthes scribendi is a morbid propensity for writing or an itch for authorship.

Wordnik word of the day: sobersides

Today’s word of the day is sobersides, a sedate or serious person. Like yesterday’s word of the day, sobersides is both the singular and plural form. It literally refers to someone whose sides—the face, for example—are sober in the meaning “plain or subdued.” In another era, such a grave and serious person might be said to have “visited the cave of Trophonious,” which was an oracle which left supplicants “pale and dejected.”