The Reverb App, Now Available for the iPhone!

Of course we love the iPad. It’s within arm’s reach, if not right in front of our faces, when we watch TV or unwind before bed. But it’s our iPhones that we turn to throughout the day, whether it’s first thing in the morning, on our commutes to and from work, or during lunch or coffee breaks.

That’s why we’re so excited to unveil the latest iteration of our sister product: the Reverb App for iPhone.

With the Reverb iPhone app, you get the same robust content, from breaking headlines, to personalized news, to stories your friends are sharing — all in one place and on the go. The app still opens with a beautiful Word Wall interface —


— showing by topic the Top News from around the world that you need to know that day.

For the news your way, swipe over to the My News view:


In My News, the topics and articles adapt to your interests according to what you’ve read, and what topics you’ve added and deleted.

Love your social feeds but sick of humblebrags and selfies? Connect Twitter or Facebook, swipe to Social News —


— and and you’ll get only the articles your friends are sharing, all in one place.

Finally, once you create a Reverb account, you’ll be have your very own My Profile page.


On your profile, you’ll see all the articles, topics, and collections you favorited, as well as any collections you made if you had the iPad app. Oh, and logging into the Reverb iPhone app with your iPad user credentials will synch up your content perfectly.

But don’t take our word for it. Download the Reverb App for iPhone today!

The Reverb App: Now Even More Collection-y


You know that we at Wordnik love collections. After all, a dictionary is basically a huge collection of words, and lists — of which we have at last count almost 47,000 — are just mini-collections. So we’re extra excited that our sister product, Reverb, is now offering user collections.

In case you didn’t know, Reverb is a free iPad news reader designed to help you read more about what you like, and find new and interesting content, too.

While collections have always been a part of Reverb –  for instance, every day our editorial team brings readers a Top News collection — now everyone can make collections too.

How excited are we about this? We held our own collection making tournament in celebration.

To date, we have over 1,500 user collections, including this awesome Wearables collection from our own Erin McKean.

Not only can you make collections of articles you find in Reverb, you can collect those articles you’ve shared with your friends via Twitter and Facebook, just by connecting those accounts to Reverb.

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we tweet our favorite language stories every day. Now because of Reverb we can easily gather them in a collection.


Don’t have an iPad? No worries: you can view the collection on the web.

We like this feature so much, we’ll be sharing a beautiful favorite Language Stories collection every week!

And if you make a word-nerdy collection we like, we’ll send you some cool schwag. Just tweet your collection at Wordnik with the hashtag #

What are you waiting for? Download Reverb and start making your own collections now!